Too little too big – Part II

“Buzz the door!” My uncle said as he struggled to climb up the stairs with my hefty bags. A rather unusually skinny girl opened the door, her mother standing beside her. For some reason, I could sense their overwhelming happiness for having me around. I greeted them with clapping my hands together and smiled at […]

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Too little too big – Part I

This is Ritika Dwivedi. She is my second cousin. She is six years old. She’s studying in Prithvi Convent School, due to her splendid academic results, the organization guaranteed her a 100% scholarship throughout her years in the school. Ritika lives in a single room house along with her father, mother and three brothers. They […]

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When I was a child, I’d sneak around the bushes with my gang as the sundown hit the sky. I’d come home all muddy and shabby but I wouldn’t be judged, I would loaf around the lanes with a shirt and shorts on. I’d be home by 8, my mumma would kiss me on the […]

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You lie!

She looked at him like he’d be the only one in her life, like she’d die if she didn’t see him often. She would do anything to keep him, because she’s a keeper.  She knows the songs he listens, the food he likes, the clothes he wears and how much he loves her. She is […]

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The seven colors of my life

This is one of the wonderful feelings ever, the tests came up positive. Now, all the ladies of the house will gather round the bed and share their experience about the first time they got pregnant.   Month 1 No drinks from now! I’d do anything to keep this baby. I’m reading all the books […]

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The deception

He gazed over the coy smile that transpired the wickedness, One could only be fooled by the blatant eyes that stared right back, Brows twitched as she mumbled another lie, Oh, what a prominent deceiver indeed! To another she takes a whack. Her whispers so strong, as every syllable wavered an echo, The gesticulation of […]

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